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TaB Centre Plus Safeguarding Policy


We at TAB church and community centre are committed to safeguarding protection of ALL children, young people and vulnerable adults who use our premises.


We will ensure continuous development and improvement of robust safeguarding processes and procedures that promote a culture of safeguarding amongst our staff, church members and volunteers.




  • To provide a safe culture and caring community where vulnerable people can report incidents of concern and abuse.

  • To promote within the organisation a working and learning environment which is free from harm and abuse, with clear roles and responsibilities for safeguarding.

  • To select, support and train staff and volunteers by providing adequate resources in line with the principles and practice of safer recruitment.

  • To provide a centre that encourages the users to develop a positive self-image regardless of their abilities or traditions including religious beliefs and cultural traditions.

  • To work in partnership with stakeholders to build their understanding and commitment to the principles of safeguarding within the local community.

  • To offer informed pastoral care and support to anyone who has concerns or has suffered abuse.


In these aims we will follow legislation guidance and recognise good practice.


TAB Centre Plus Safeguarding Procedures


  • The centre recruitment procedures must be followed in the appointment of staff and volunteers.

  • All staff and volunteers must be vetted prior to the commencement of work with children including DBS check.

  • All volunteers and those under the age of 18 will have a Risk Assessment carried out as per health and safety procedures.

  • On induction all uses will be taken through the safeguarding children and vulnerable adult’s policy and procedures documents.


All users of the centre will be informed that the Centre Manager will be their nominated point of contact with regards to safeguarding.


Roles and Responsibilities


Centre Manager


  • The Centre Manager is the Safeguarding officer and must keep up to date with training regarding safeguarding issues, vetting and barring.

  • The Centre Managers must liaise with the local statutory bodies and monitor government legislation to ensure clear communication within all safeguarding matters.

  • The Centre Manager must keep a secure up to date record of all children and vulnerable groups working or using the centre. They should monitor their progress on a regular basis and check they are safe from abuse and harm whilst in the centre.

  • He/she must ensure all staff are competent in undertaking their safeguarding duties


Safeguarding Officers

  • Assist the minister in its implementation

  • Assist groups in church with relevant safeguarding advice

  • Act as a point of reference within the church-for issues to do with child and or vulnerable adult protection.

  • Advocate and where appropriate arrange training on issues to do with child and or vulnerable adult protection.

  • Attend appropriate training




  • Ensure that the Centre Manager is aware of any children, young people and vulnerable groups on the premises

  • Comply with policy and procedures

  • Promote a safe and secure environment




Any incidence or alleged allegation of abuse whatever the nature must be reported immediately to the Centre Manager. For whatever reason if this is inappropriate you should not hold back from reporting, but do so directly to the designated safeguarding person.




When recording an alleged incidence of abuse, the record must be precise and use the words of the complainant. The record should use accurate quotation and should also, if appropriate, include factual observations about the physical and emotional state of the person sharing their concerns with you. The information must be recorded and stored securely, in line with the confidentiality policy, and should be accessible only to those who need access on needs to know bases. The safeguarding of children, young people and any vulnerable groups is paramount to our work and commitment to the local community.


The policy must be reviewed annually by the TaB Centre Plus Board.



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