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About Us

Trinity at Bowes Centre Plus is underpinned by the values and mission of the Church to inspire all people to develop their full potential, gain a voice in the community, hope for a better future & maintain a healthy and holistic lifestyle. We welcome and encourage everyone regardless of race, class, social position, gender, ability and ethnicily including other faith groups as we view these differences as the richness of diversity within or community.


We aspire to create a thriving community space and a positive enviroment within the local community in which individuals are transformed through the love of Jesus Christ. We want to see experiences and expressions of love and kindness bringing about healing for the hurting and joy to the surrowful and transforming them into instruments to bring about change in the local community.


Catering to the people of south west Enfield and the surrounding boroughs, TaB Centre Plus seeks to fulfill the needs of the lcoal community adressing educational, training, employment, welfare, health, social, culutral, recreational and spirtiual needs through the activites at our centre. We encourage people to develop their personal potential by promoting, enabling and facilitating includisve activies within TaB Centre Plus that adress these needs within the community.


TaB Centre Plus adapts to fit the ever changing needs of a communtiy of all ages and abilites, coupled with a cultural diversity that is ever increasing whilst offering oppurtunies for everyone to develop, grow and thrive in their community. However, it is important to hightlight that God's love and community partnership lies at the heart of everything we plan and do.

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