Education Plus

Education Plus is a provision developed to empower young people. Our programmes aim to equip youth and students with tools needed to raise attainment. We are dedicated to bringing out the best in young people.


● One-to-one mentoring
● Flexible entry points
● Behaviour specialists
● Monitored progress
● Gain AQA qualifications
● Work experience
● All staff are DBS approved
● Competitive rates


We are based in Enfield at TaB Centre Plus - a multi-purpose community centre offering access to the following OFSTED approved facilities:


● Recording Studio
● Media Suite
● Dance Studio
● Gymnasium


We work in key partnership with GREAT MINES who specialise in extracting the greatness out of young people through motivational talks, seminars and creative, educational workshops. We collaborate with GREAT MINES to deliver dynamic programmes to engage young people in and out of education.

One to One Mentoring

Our mentoring programmes are tailored to suit the specific needs of the young people we work with. We are committed to ensuring that the young people will develop discipline and tenacity, whilst overcoming challenges such as anger, lack of confidence and peer pressure.

Integration Programme

Our team of experienced teachers and learning mentors provide a holistic service to propel young people back into mainstream education including young offenders. Our behaviour specialists also work in schools to improve the performance of students at risk of exclusion.

Interpersonal Skills Training

We prepare young people for a promising future in further education, training, or employment, by helping them to discover their talents and develop new skills. We seek to fuel their aspirations by increasing their actions of teamwork, respect, leadership and determination.

Mentoring Projects

Our 6-Week and 12-Week programmes are specifically delivered to raise attainment and aspirations for targeted groups of students. They will discover and learn how to use their potential, overcome peer pressure, grasp opportunities and progress by improving their overall attitude to learning. As a result we aim for increased attendance, improved behaviour and higher attainment.

Transitional Programme

Supporting students in the crucial periods of moving from primary to secondary education, KS3 to KS4, and KS4 to KS5. This programme delivers the key elements vital for a successful transition. We aim to work with specific year groups to instil the right attitude and enthusiasm for learning, ensuring that they leave the sessions feeling confident, excited and ready to grasp new milestones ahead.