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Time: April 29th at 5pm

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"Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid"  John 14:27 (NRSV)

Poem for the week

Poem by Norma Beaird


Upon a sea called Galilee, a boat was found one night,

Filled with the twelve disciples and their Savior Jesus Christ.


This boat had sailed into a storm and waves began to roll,

Fear struck the men hand-picked by God and terror filled their souls.


And as the rain and wind grew strong, the Lord was fast asleep,

For He is in control of sudden storms and raging seas.


Now His disciples only saw the crashing of the waves,

They only felt the stormy blast, but not one drop of faith.


Then as the storm sent violent winds, they went to find the Lord,

For when the storm is at its worst, you need to trust Him more.


They woke the Lord and then He found disciples gripped in fear,

Why must they worry, storms don't last when Jesus Christ is near.


For near He was, they soon would know that faith in God is real,

The waves may toss and winds may blow till Christ says "Peace, be still".


And "Peace, be still" is all it takes to calm the storms of life,

To move the clouds and see the sun, and break the fear of night.


The Lord desires to calm your storm when you are at the end,

Of what seems like a dead-end road; He'll clear the skies again.


So when your boat is tossed by waves and rain begins to fall,

You will not drown if you will pray; the Lord will hear your call.


For it is in the hard times when we learn to trust in God,

And understand Psalm 23, that He's our Staff and Rod.


And it is in the midst of storms, we see what God can do,

Our eyes may see a sky of gray, but faith sees skies of blue.


My friend, it's on a battered ship when waves are growing rough,

That we can feel a perfect peace and presence of His love.


But faith must be our guest on board when all else seems to fail,

For God won't navigate off course this ship of life I sail.


So never let what you may see determine where you'll go,

You know your ship will never sink when God is in the boat.


Thought for the Week

The disciples just could not recognise Jesus’ divine power, faith and authority. Immediately before the feeding of the Five thousand and afterwards Jesus withdrew to be by himself. “Immediately he made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side”. He dismissed the crowds and went up the mountain by himself to pray Vs. 22. 

The Sea of Galilee, was noted for sudden and extreme storms. These storms occurred when cold air from the mountains surrounding the lake collided with warm air rising from the surface of the sea. Jesus stayed on the mountain for a long time. He had taught the crowd all day. In both cases the crowd and his disciples were in need. 

His disciples got into the boat in the evening and a storm arose and caught them at sea. It was early in the morning when Jesus came walking to them on the water. Jesus arrived just in time. Remember his disciples were up all day and had fed five thousand men and that his number did not include women and children. By now they would have been hungry, tired, and at their wits end battling against the storm. The fact that some of them were experienced fishermen made little difference to their situation. Perhaps they even feared for their lives. 

Jesus’ voice was very comforting to them, yet when they first saw him walking on the water, they believed he was a ghost. Immediately Jesus reassured them “Take heart” he said “It is I; do not be afraid” he said in verse 27. Peter wanted to walk on the sea as well, however, he failed as he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on the terrible conditions of the sea. In both these miracles the disciples failed to focus on Jesus. He was with them for a while and they still didn’t understand. As soon as Jesus got on board the wind ceased. 

In this time of uncertainty concerning living with the covid-19 pandemic, are we focusing on Jesus for certainty. He is the one to feed us spiritually and to protect us from the storms of life providing we put our faith and trust in Him. 

Like in the feeding of the Five thousand, the disciples did not recognise the power and the authority of Jesus until the storm ceased. In the boat they worship him and recognised his authority for they said “Truly you are the Son of God.” Paul, writing to the Church at Rome says “Righteousness comes from Faith” and “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved”. Romans 10:13 

Trinity at Bowes is a unique Church Community Centre that seeks to meet the needs of the local community both practically and spiritually. Our team of staff and volunteers work together to ensure the centre runs efficiently and smoothly.

We are located on the corner of Palmerston Road and North Circular Road making it easily accessible from many of the surrounding areas such as Haringey, Edmonton, Enfield and Barnet. Our building is a multi-purpose building with disabled access and facilities, available for hire at competitive rates.

Our Children, Youth and Families teams work with children aged 0-18 with activities such as a playgroups, sports, music and media activities and holiday clubs. In addition, we deliver a range of alternative educational programmes for young people and Family Learning classes.

We have a range of activities for all ages and abilities including Keep Fit classes, Pilates, Bulgarian and Irish Dancing as well as social groups for older people.

We at TAB Church and Community Centre are committed to safeguarding protection of ALL children, young people and vulnerable adults who use our premises. For more infomation about our Safeguarding Policy click here.